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I am student of Masters in Communication System Engineering, at SEECS, NUST. I have been part of Cognet since April, 2010. I have also worked on some hardware research projects such as real time vehicular traffic monitoring system. I have also worked as an internee in the Government sector and secured experience regarding RADARS.

Masters in Communication System Engineering (Research Thesis Underway) - NUST SEECS
Bachelors in Information and Communication System Engineering - NUST SEECS (2008)

Research Interests:
Security in Cognitive Radio Networks 
Swarm Intelligence, RADAR networks

Research Progress:
With the introduction of Intelligence in wireless communication networks, vulnerabilities are also introduced in the network along with intelligence. In Cognitive Wireless Networks, radio devices in network learn from their environment and make decisions depending upon their learning. If only a single parameter in the environment is changed, a cognitive radio maybe forced to change its working parameters unnecessarily.My work focuses on mitigating malicious effect which disrupt the environment and in result forces cognitive radio to change its working parameters.
Main concept followed is described by Amita Sethi and Timothy X.  Brown : A security threat does not harm unless there is a corresponding vulnerability.