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Adeel Baig
Adeel Baig is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (SEECS) at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), which he joined in February 2008.

Before joining NUST he held several positions in research and teaching, including with National ICT Australia (NICTA) from 2004-2007, where he participated in a research team working on technologies for providing communication and information access on public transports, and with UNSW as a Lecturer in 2003. Between 2000 and 2002, he served as a Research Student in the Network Research Laboratory (NRL) at UNSW.

Dr. Adeel Baig is a member of the IEEE, ACMPEC, ISOC and an approved PhD supervisor by HEC. He is also a part of National IPv6 migration commitee by Ministry of IT and Telecom.

PhD (Computer Science and Engineering),
University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia. 2007.
M.Eng.Sc (Computer Science and Engineering),
University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia. 2002.
BE from NED University of Engineering and Technology,
Karachi, Pakistan. 1998.
Research Interests:
His research interests include the following categories: (but not limited to)
  • IPv6 Transitions and implementation issues
  • IPv6 related reseach and development
  • Cognitive Radio Network (Routing and upper layer Issues)
  • Mobile networks (architecture and applications)
  • Next generation All-IP networks (applications and protocols)
  • Cross layer performance optimization for wireless networks (using prediction of wireless link quality and disruption)
Journal Papers

Performance Enhancement of On-Board Communication Networks using Outage Prediction, A. Baig, L. Libman, and M. Hassan in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 24(9), September 2006.

Quality of Service of RSVP Flows over legacy LANs in the presence of Best Effort Traffic, Baig A, Hassan M, Jha SK,in IEICE Transactions on Communications, The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), Tokyo, Japan,2001, E84-B (11 Appendix), pp25-28.
Refereed Conference Papers
  1. Zawar Shah, Adeel Baig, Imdad Ullah and Hira Samir "State Aware Enhancement in DCCP for Multimedia Handovers" IEEE Globecom 2011, December 2011, Texas USA
  2. Imdad Ullah, Zawar Shah, and Adeel Baig "VoIP and Tracking Capacity over WiFi Networks" IEEE VTC 2011, 15-18 May 2011, Budapest, Hungary.
  3. Najmul Hassan, Adeel Baig and Junaid Qadir"Recovery and bandwidth sharing techniques in MPLS networks" HONET 2010, Cairo Egypt.
  4. Salman Ali, Junaid Qadir and Adeel Baig, "Routing Protocols in Delay Tolerant Networks - A Survey", Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies 2010 (ICET 2010), October 2010, Islamabad, Pakistan.
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  6. Najmul Hassan, Adeel Baig, Junaid Qadir, Madeeha Owais "Priority Based Allocation of Network Resources in Multi-class MPLS Networks", in ACM International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology, December 2009.
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  13. Baig A, Hassan M, Jha SK "Performance Evaluation of Subnet Bandwidth Manager for Supporting QoS Over Shared Legacy LANs" ,in Proceedings of International Conference on Telecommunications ICT2001, Bucharest Romania, 4-7 Jun. 2001, The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Bucharest, Romania , pp496-499.

Open Source Contribution

Developed a module of Freeze-TCP for NS2 (Network Simulator). This module has been further improved and ported to NS 2.33 by Olivier Mehani (NICTA, Australia). Updated Module
Title On-board Mobile Networks
Subtitle Architecture, Protocols: Issues and Solutions
ISBN 978-3-639-19236-0
Publisher VDM Verlag- Germany
Author Adeel Baig
Date of issue Aug 2009