Adnan Bashir


I am currently working as Research Assistant in Cognet lab that runs under affiliation of PTCL, Cisco, NUST IP technology center of excellence at SEECS, NUST. I am also doing my final year project in the same lab.


Bachelor of Electronics Engineering (7th Semester),
School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences,
National University of Sciences & Technology

Current Projects:

HEC Funded Project:

I am working as Research Assistant in HEC funded project titled, "Efficient routing of multimedia data in multi-radio dynamic spectrum access networks". This project aims to evaluate the potential improvement in performance by using multiple cognitive radios on a device. In this project I will also study various routing and channel assignment issues that arise for such networks in which every network node is equipped with multiple cognitive radio interfaces.

Final year project:

I am doing my final year project on the "Quality of Service and Spectrum-aware Channel Assignment Algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks".


Summer Internship 2011:

Worked in PTCL, NUST & CISCO Centre of excellence in IP Technology as a summer intern. I have done following tasks:
· Learnt network simulation on NS2
· Implemented the paper on NS2 titled “Fully Distributed Game Theoretic Approach to Guarantee Self-Coexistence among WRANs” by Vanessa Gardellin, Sajal K. Das, Luciano Lenzini.


I can work on Network Simulator 2 (NS2) and Omnet++. I can implement different routing protocols, channel assignment algorithms and different network topologies to execute their performance evaluation using the basic performance evaluation parameters like throughput, e2e delay, jitter etc

Areas of interest: 

· Cognitive Radio Networks 
· Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks 
· Wireless Mesh Networks